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4 April 2024

Private Transfer From Cairo To Fayoum

Private Transfer From Cairo to Fayoum

Embarking on a journey from Cairo to Fayoum promises an adventure filled with rich history, stunning landscapes, and cultural immersion. Whether you're a history buff eager to explore ancient sites or a nature enthusiast seeking tranquility amidst lush oases, Fayoum has something to offer every traveler. In this blog post, we'll explore the convenience and comfort of opting for a private transfer from Cairo to Fayoum, ensuring a seamless travel experience from start to finish.

Private Transfer From Cairo To Fayoum

Why Choose a Private Transfer?

While there are various transportation options available for traveling from Cairo to Fayoum, a private transfer offers unparalleled convenience, flexibility, and comfort. Here are some compelling reasons to consider booking a private transfer for your journey:

Private Transfer From Cairo To Fayoum

1. Personalized Itinerary: With a private transfer, you have the freedom to customize your itinerary according to your preferences and schedule. Whether you wish to make stops along the way to explore attractions or simply enjoy a leisurely drive through the Egyptian countryside, the choice is yours.

2. Comfort and Privacy: Say goodbye to crowded buses or uncomfortable shared taxis. A private transfer allows you to travel in comfort and privacy, with a dedicated vehicle and professional driver at your disposal. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the journey without worrying about cramped quarters or noisy passengers.

3. Door-to-Door Service: Forget the hassle of navigating public transportation or arranging multiple transfers. With a private transfer, you'll enjoy door-to-door service, meaning you'll be picked up from your accommodation in Cairo and dropped off at your desired destination in Fayoum without any detours or delays.

4. Local Expertise: Your driver serves as more than just a chauffeur – they're also a knowledgeable guide who can offer insights into the region's history, culture, and landmarks. Whether you have questions about the sights along the way or need recommendations for places to visit in Fayoum, your driver is there to assist you every step of the way.

5. Peace of Mind: Traveling in a foreign country can sometimes be daunting, especially if you're unfamiliar with the local language or customs. By opting for a private transfer, you'll enjoy peace of mind knowing that your transportation needs are taken care of, allowing you to focus on enjoying your journey to Fayoum.

Exploring Fayoum:

Once you've arrived in Fayoum via your private transfer from Cairo, you'll find yourself immersed in a world of natural beauty and cultural wonders. Here are just a few highlights to look forward to during your time in Fayoum:

Private Transfer From Cairo To Fayoum

1. Lake Qarun: Explore the serene shores of Lake Qarun, Egypt's third-largest lake and a haven for birdwatchers, fishermen, and nature enthusiasts. Take a boat ride on the tranquil waters, admire the surrounding desert landscape, and learn about the lake's ecological importance.

2. Wadi El Hitan: Discover the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Wadi El Hitan, also known as the Valley of the Whales. This breathtaking desert landscape is home to fossilized remains of ancient whales and other marine creatures, offering a fascinating glimpse into Egypt's prehistoric past.

3. Karanis: Step back in time at the archaeological site of Karanis, an ancient Greco-Roman city dating back to the third century BCE. Explore the ruins of temples, baths, and houses, and marvel at the well-preserved artifacts that offer insights into daily life in ancient Egypt.

Private Transfer From Cairo To Fayoum

Embarking on a private transfer from Cairo to Fayoum opens up a world of possibilities for travelers seeking convenience, comfort, and flexibility. Whether you're drawn to Fayoum's natural beauty, historical sites, or cultural heritage, a private transfer ensures that your journey is as seamless and enjoyable as possible. So sit back, relax, and let the adventure begin as you explore the wonders of Fayoum, one of Egypt's hidden gems waiting to be discovered.

16 January 2024

Tunis Villas for rent |Tunis Paradise Villa Fayoum

Tunis Paradise Villa Fayoum

Tunis Paradise Villa Fayoum one of the most elegant villas in Tunis Village in Fayoum .Tunis village - Fayoum is a paradise for nature lovers , only 120 km from Cairo . Your perfect destination to spend quality time with family / friends , and to creat memories that will last forever.

Tunis Villas for rent |Tunis Paradise Villa Fayoum

Tunis Paradise Villa is located in Tunis village on a hill facing Qarun lake, overlooks a stunning view of the edge of the desert on the other side of the lake and the green fields beneath , one of the most beautiful and relaxing places in Egypt.

Tunis Villas for rent |Tunis Paradise Villa Fayoum

Tunis Paradise Villa is located in an ideal spot in Tunis Village , within walking distance you can reach pottery galleries , restaurants and Qaroun lake.

• All activities can be managed , - Valley of the whales desert safari - Doing pottery - Horse backriding - Sandboarding - Sunset dinner in the desert.

Tunis Villas for rent |Tunis Paradise Villa Fayoum

The Villa is very spacious with high ceilings and numerous sitting areas. You can enjoy the huge Indoor open courtyard and garden overlooking the lake.

Tunis Villas for rent |Tunis Paradise Villa Fayoum

The Villa is right in the middle of Tunis village with private parking where you can enjoy your privacy and at the same time in the middle of all the attractions.

Tunis Villas for rent Tunis Paradise Villa Fayoum Book Now

2 December 2023

Byoum Villas for sale in Al Fayoum

Byoum Standalone Villas & Twin Villas for sale in Al Fayoum

Al Fayoum’s varied landscape of fertile green field, desert and open water alongside its rich tapestry of architectural relics and antiquities make it a fascinating and enticing prospect for visitors. People can enjoy the treasures of bygone eras while experiencing a diverse range of outdoor activities from bird watching to sand boarding.

Bayoum Villas for sale in Al Fayoum

Wadi Al Hittan Al Fayoum

A UNESCO world heritage site, Wadi El Hitan is home to the remains of over 400 now-extinct whales, some up to an astonishing 18m in length. Meaning ‘Valley of the Whales’, Wadi El Hitan is criss-crossed by a network of walking tracks leading to a treasure trove of rare skeletons and fossils which is considered among the finest in the world. Its beauty and historical significance make Wadi El Hitan an ideal spot for camping, hiking and stargazing.

camping, hiking and stargazing.

Waterfalls of Wadi El Rayan

With its stunning waterfalls, Wadi El Rayan is among Egypt’s most revered nature reserves. Centered on two manmade lakes, Wadi El Rayan’s vast and mesmerizing white desert features multiple sand dunes and is host to an unparalleled diversity of bird species and rare animals, including falcons, eagles and white gazelles, along with sand and fennec foxes.

Waterfalls of Wadi El Rayan

This rich tapestry of wildlife and scenery makes Wadi El Rayan an ideal site for bird watching, picnicking, or just enjoying the stunning surroundings. For the ultimate ‘back to nature’ experience, wooden rowboats can be rented for a mini cruise around the awe-inspiring waterfalls, which link Wadi El Rayan’s twin lakes and are reputed to be Egypt’s largest.

Waterfalls of Wadi El Rayan

Tunis Village Al Fayoum

Founded by a swiss couple in the early 1970s, Tunis Village is a vibrant pottery school and workshop. Nestled amidst lush greenery in a group of buildings constructed in the traditional curvaceous mud-brick style, the pottery center hosts an annual festival for pottery and other hand-made crafts. Just five minutes from Tunis Village, Byoum Residence offers the perfect home for creative minds. There’s no better place to free your mind and unleash the artist in you.

Tunis Village Al Fayoum

The Magic Lake in Fayoum 

After a day of hiking in the picturesque Gabal Medawara, head to the crystal blue waters of Magic lake and feast your eyes on one of its jaw-dropping sunsets; an experience that is guaranteed never to be forgotten. The lake is a great spot for kayaking and other water-borne activities , as well as sandboarding and zip-lining. Theres no better place for thrillseekers to make camp: just sit back, relax and enjoy the beautiful star-studded skies that only the wilderness can bring.

Qussoor El Arab Al Fayoum

Beginners and experienced boarders alike will enjoy riding the dunes at Qussoor El Arab, Al fayoum’s number one spot for an action-packed sand boarding experience. Perfect for families, October to April is the best time to hit the dunes.

Qussoor El Arab Al Fayoum

Qarun Lake National Park Al Fayoum

Lake Qarun one of Egypt’s most treasured natural landmarks, Lake Qaroun’s existence can be traced back thousands of years. Now a routine resting stop on the southern migratory route for thousands of birds, large numbers of flamingoes, grey herons, spoonbills and various duck species can be seen at the lake at certain times of year. The luxurious Byoum Residence overlook the spellbinding lake, and birdwatchers in particular will marvel at the magnificent sights unfolding before their eyes.

Karanis Kom Ushim Museum Al Fayoum

Built by the ptolemies in the third century BC, Karanis is one of the oldest GrecoRoman cities in Al Fayoum. Once home to thousands through most of this vast ancient settlement is now in ruins its remains are a sight to behold. With two temples dedicated to Sobek, the God of crocodiles and an ancient royal Roman bath, Karanis also hosts a museum showcasing rare artifacts, including spectacular remnants of jewelery, glassware and pottery.

Karanis Kom Ushim Museum Al Fayoum

Dimieh El Sebaa Al Fayoum

Just three kilometers from Lake Qaroun, Dimieh El Sabaa was historically one of the region’s significant trading stations. This former Ancient Greek city houses many treasures and delights, including a small Greek stone temple and the remains of the old city walls and its ancient roads.

Meidum Pyramid

Meidum Pyramid is the first Ancient Egyptian pyramid to have an above-ground burial chamber. Out of its original eight levels structure, only three levels have survived the test of time. Believed to be only the second pyramid ever built (after the groundbreaking pyramid of Djoser), Medium’s architectural significance makes it well worth a visit.

Meidum Pyramid fayoum

Qasr El Sagha In Fayoum

Ovelooking Lake Qaroun and the breathtaking Qatrani Mountain, Kasr El Sagha is an architectural enigma. Construction began between 2000 and 1700 BC, though for reasons unknown it was never completed. Its architectural style is highly unusual, with irregularly shaped sandstone blocks pieced together to ensure structural integrity in the style of an Inca building.

Qasr El Sagha In Fayoum

Byoum Residence In Fayoum

Only 120 km away from the hustle and bustle of Cairo, Byoum is an oasis of calm and the ultimate refuge from the stresses of modern life. The resort also offers plenty of unique activities, including sandboarding, desert safari expeditions and bird watching. Byoum’s residential project provides standalone villas with vast private gardens and apartments with prime landscaping views.

Bayoum Standalone Villas & Twin Villas for sale in Al Fayoum

Byoum Residence is ideally situated just 90km away from the buzzing city of Cairo, offering an absolute escape from the stresses and strains of city life. The development occupies 447,720 m2 of land and encompasses a diverse range of real estate products, a 4 star hotel and a commercial area. Taking its name from the Coptic Egyptian for ‘sea’ or ‘lake’.

Bayoum Standalone Villas & Twin Villas for sale in Al Fayoum

Byoum Residence is encircled by a promenade which overlooks Lake Qaroun, reputed to be one of the world’s oldest natural lakes and a majestic natural barrier on the opposite side of the site. All dwellings benefit from spectacular views of the water, combining nature’s raw beauty with the advantages of a luxurious, modern day compound.

Bayoum Standalone Villas & Twin Villas for sale in Al Fayoum

Byoum Villas

Byoum Villas Overlooking the shimmering blue waters of lake karoon is a group of intricately designed arabian style villas. The standalone villas are offered in two, three or four bedrooms. The byoum experience is emphasized with the villas’ vibrant indoor garden, outdoor private garden and direct access to the rooftop terrace.

Bayoum Villas fayoum for sale

Byoum Twin Villas

Built on elevated land, the spectacular twin villas boast an interrupted and captivating view of the pristine blue waters of lake karoon. Fusing the iconic authenticity and simplicity of nubian architecture with a sleek and chic modern finish. The two-story twin villas are comprised of three bedrooms, embellished with a private garden and direct access to a rooftop terrace.

Bayoum Twin Villas

Byoum Apartments

From two bedroom apartments to cozy studios, the kayrawany apartments enjoy a breathtaking view of lake karoon, and byoum’s refreshing swimming pools. The apartments have access either to a private garden or a rooftop terrace. All units are delivered fully finished. All homeowners will be granted access to the main buildings swimming pools.

Bayoum Apartments for sale in fayoum


Built on elevated land, the two-story twin villas offer three bedrooms, a private garden and direct access to a rooftop terrace. Boasting uninterrupted and captivating views of the pristine blue waters of Lake Qaroun, the twin villas fuse the iconic authenticity and simplicity of nubian architecture with a sleek and chic modern finish.

Bayoum Standalone Villas & Twin Villas for sale in Al Fayoum

Bayoum Standalone Villas & Twin Villas for sale in Al Fayoum

Orascom Development Holding (ODH), the Group holding company headquartered in Switzerland, is a leading developer of fully integrated destinations; featuring hotels, private villas and apartment compounds, leisure facilities, outdoor offerings such as golf courses and marinas and all necessary infrastructures. Over several decades ODH has developed many global destinations. The company’s diversified portfolio of destinations is spread over seven countries; Egypt, Switzerland, Montenegro, Oman, UAE, United Kingdom and Morocco.

The Group currently operates ten destinations; five in Egypt (El Gouna, Makadi Heights, Taba Heights, Byoum Al Fayoum and OWest), The Cove in the United Arab Emirates, Jebel Sifah and Hawana Salalah in Oman, Luštica Bay in Montenegro and Andermatt in Switzerland. Orascom Development is listed in the SIX Swiss Exchange. ODH currently owns a land bank of 101 million sqm and 33 hotels with a total number of 7,177 rooms.

Orascom Development Egypt (ODE) a subsidiary of ODH is an integrated developer of resort towns in Egypt. ODE currently owns a land bank of 49.9 million sqm distributed over five Destinations; El Gouna on the Red Sea Coast, Taba Heights in the Sinai Peninsula and Makadi Heights in the Red Sea district, O West in West Cairo and Byoum in Al Fayoum.

25 November 2023

Lac Moeris Glamping Experience on Fayoum’s Qarun Lake Shores

Lacmoeris Glamping Experience in Fayoum

Glamping is a thriving travel concept that is steering the eco-tourism scene in the MENA region,The first point of attraction to establish itself came before actually setting foot in the camp: being a mere hour-and-a-half by car from Downtown Cairo and transpiring to be highly-navigable with Google Maps, Lac Moeris represents a hidden get-away that sidesteps a cumbersome journey to access it.

Lacmoeris Glamping Experience in Fayoum

Amazing views of Lake Qarun and the mountainous Fayoum Depression in the near distance quickly instil a sense of composure in the camp. It’s an enveloping vista that is reminiscent of the Red Sea and concomitant Saudi Arabian mountains that holiday-makers in Sinai enjoy from eco-camps in Dahab and Nuweiba; the only sounds to be heard from the camp are the gentle lapping of the waters and occasional bird-calls of the famously diverse birdlife of the Fayoum Protectorate.

Lacmoeris  decor of carefully-curated pieces is embellished with Makrameya wovenware custom-made from Sohaq, upcycled materials from Bekya and local earthenware hailing from Fayoum’s esteemed pottery artisans. There’s a satisfying lack of plastic to be seen in the rooms, in favour of fabric-wreathed mirrors and woven waste-baskets, dark wooden floorboards and industrial-style wooden cupboards and bed frames.

All 12 of its double rooms bear lake views and a bright, airy atmosphere thanks to glass windows, with floor-to-ceiling windows in the case of the camp’s two available king-size rooms. Visitors need not compromise on hygienic needs: all rooms boast an en-suite of impressively strong water pressure.

In need of a relaxing trip where you can recharge your batteries and feel like yourself again? A glamping getaway in Faiyum is just what the doctor ordered! Relax and recharge in the great outdoors, where you can enjoy the fresh air and peace and quiet you don’t normally get at home. You’d be delighted with any one of these glamping rentals, as all provide the comforts of home in amazing outdoor locations—what’s not to love? Book your next trip to Faiyum and see why it’s the next popular luxury camping destination of the year! 

Lac Moeris Glamping and camping in fayoum

Lac Moeris an ideal stay for couples and friendship groups is its array of daytime activities, including pottery workshops using the camp’s own wheel and kiln, as well as horseback riding and private lake cruises. Safaris and trips to other neighbouring landmarks in Fayoum.

Lac Moeris Glamping and camping in fayoum

Discover the latest addition to Fayyum’s fertile desertscape: Lac Moeris, a bespoke camping experience offering its guests a rustic connection to the Fayoum Oasis without compromising on elegance.

Lac Moeris Glamping and camping in fayoum

First impressions of Lac Moeris was its attention to detail and the intentional care that has been poured into every element of the interior design. The camp’s intricate decor of carefully-curated pieces is embellished with Makrameya wovenware custom-made from Sohaq, upcycled materials from Bekya and local earthenware hailing from Fayyum’s esteemed pottery artisans.

Lac Moeris Glamping and camping in fayoum

The camp is assertedly carving out a new space in Fayyum where an evening community can thrive. “At night,” its founder Yehia Nweishy tells #SceneTraveller, “everything goes dead here. We want to bring in live music and vocalists to the area, and create an evening scene!”

Lac Moeris Glamping and camping in fayoum

All 12 of its double rooms, two of which being king size, let in cinematic lake views through glass windows. Visitors need not compromise on hygienic needs: all rooms boast an en-suite of impressively strong water pressure.

Go glamping in Faiyum!

22 November 2023

Byoum Lakeside Hotel Al Fayoum

Byoum Lakeside Hotel Al Fayoum 

Byoum Lakeside Hotel is a 4-star hotel located on the tranquil shores of Lake Qaroun in the city of Fayoum, the largest city in the Fayoum Oasis and the oldest city in Egypt.

The hotel offers a comfortable retreat amid Fayoum’s rich ancient history and exciting natural surroundings, along with modern amenities for family fun, business travel and weddings. Just 90 kilometers southwest of Cairo, Byoum Lakeside Hotel is easy to reach and has a large outdoor swimming pool with a children’s pool, indoor and outdoor dining, two bars and a meeting room.

Whether you’re enjoying tea in the Lobby Bar, relaxing by the pool or sipping on fresh juice on the lake, the seamless blend of tranquil desert escape and contemporary 4-star character will make you feel completely at home

Fayoum Attractions

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