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6 May 2023

Flinders Petrie Tour in Al Fayoum

Flinders Petrie Tour in Al Fayoum

The pedestals of Biahmu

Flinders Petrie Tour in Al Fayoum The pedestals of Biahmu

The remains of two large stone pedestals that once supported colossi of Amenemhat III stand just north of the small village of Biahmu, some 7 Kilometers north of Fayoum. The Pedestals Probably Stood about the same height as they do now, about 8 meters, and the colossi according to Petrie reconstruction, probably towered a further 13 meters. Each Colossus and pedestal was surmounted by an enclosure wall of the same solid blocks as the pedestals.

They stand just north of the small village of Biahmu. In fact, the two large pedestals are somewhat ruinous, but essentially complete stone. Moreover, they are light yellow in color. They now partly supported by Department of Antiquities bricks. In fact, the walking to al-Sanam village is pleasant.

waterwheels in Fayoum

The waterwheels in Fayoum are among the most interesting ancient sites in Fayoum, Over 200 of them straddles the Canals, Unique to the area, the wooden wheels are driven by fast-moving water of the Canals and were introduced into Fayoum during the Ptolemaic times. They are 4 to 5 Meters in Diameter and Coated with black tar to Protect the wood, Each waterwheel Can lift the water 3 meters, Spilling it onto higher ground, January is the Month set aside throughout Egypt for Cleaning the Canals, The sluices are closed in the Fayoum all the functioning waterwheels are Cleaned and repaired.

Fayoum Obelisk (rare Obelisk

Fayoum Obelisk (rare Obelisk) 

About 13 meters high red-granite obelisk, Originally, it was erected in a village called Abgig few kilometers/miles far from the Fayoum City. Fayoum Obelisk was restored and re-erected at Medinet El Fayoum’s northern entrance. Though it’s decoration and inscription are much worn down and difficult to make out .

It was still standing at its original site near Abgig, when Richard Pococke visited the fayoum in the 1740, but sixty years later a French artist, Jomard, recording monument for the description de l’Egypte”, found it lying on the ground ,broken in two, and thus it remained until the 1970s when the great stone, weighing altogether 100 tons, was transported, reconstructed and erected on its present site by the local department of Antiquities.

Hawara Pyramid in Fayoum

labyrinth of Egypt hawara pyramids

Hawara near the Fayoum oasis might not look as much today but in historical accounts it is a somewhat legendary place here's a quote by a classical author this i have actually seen a work beyond words for if anyone put together the buildings of the greeks and display of their labors they would seem lesser in both effort and expense to this labyrinth even the pyramids are beyond words yet the labyrinth surpasses even the pyramids these are the words of ancient historian Herodotus describing his visit to a colossal multi-level.

labyrinth of Egypt hawara pyramids

The mortuary temple The accepted theory until now has been that the labyrinth was the mortuary temple of Amenemhet III .

labyrinth is a Greek word that Brugsh says is derived from the Egyptian name of this Hawara temple “elpa -rohunt ” ” temple of the mouth of the lake ” Herodotus who visited the fayoum around the middle of the fifth century BCE writes:’ it has twelve courts all of them roofed, with gates exactly opposite on another”. There are two different sorts of chamber throughout half underground, half above ground. The roof was throughout of stone like the walls; and the walls were carved ll over with figures; everycourt was surrounded with acolonnade,which was built of white stones exquisitely fitted together .

Hawara Pyramid in Fayoum

Get ready to ride in a comfortable air-conditioned car To see the Great Biahmu Temple of Amenemhat III, Hawara Pyramid (Labyrinth), Fayoum Unique Obilisk and Fayoum waterwheels in the Center of the City, The Famous seven Fayoum waterwheels-enjoying the beauty of Nature.

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