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6 April 2023

Fayoum activities Overview of tourism activities in Fayoum Egypt

The combination of stunning landscape and the proximity to Cairo make the Fayoum an attractive travel destination. Fayoum provides plentiful activities for tourists who like to explore its nature and rural life: From bird watching, boat trips, hiking, horse riding, swimming to safari desert trips.

Fayoum activities Overview of tourism activities in Fayoum Egypt

 Fayoum activities

From Cairo: 4x4 Desert Safari, Sandsurf, and Camel Ride

Discover the beauty of the Egyptian Desert, witness the alluring Wadi El Rayan waterfalls, and marvel at the majestic Mudawara Mountains. Then, enjoy action-packed dune bashing, sandboarding, and a delightful camel ride on a full-day tour from Cairo.

From Cairo: Fayoum Oasis and Wadi Al Rayan Guided Tour

Cairo: Wadi El Ryan, El Fayoum Oasis & Bird Watching Tour

Attractions in Fayoum

Wadi El Rayan 

Wadi Hitan National Park

Al Lahoun Pyramid, Fayoum

El Modawra Mountain Fayoum

Egypt Magic Lake Fayoum

Hawara Pyramid Fayoum

Categories in Fayoum, Egypt

Desert safaris in Fayoum, Egypt 

Day trips in Fayoum, Egypt

Autumn activities in Fayoum, Egypt

Nature & adventure in Fayoum, Egypt

Outdoor sports in Fayoum, Egypt 

Summer activities in Fayoum, Egypt

Tours in Fayoum, Egypt

Outdoor activities in Fayoum, Egypt 

Water sports in Fayoum, Egypt 

Outdoor activities in Fayoum, Egypt

Quad & ATV tours in Fayoum, Egypt

Private tours in Fayoum, Egypt

Extreme sports & adrenaline in Fayoum, Egypt

National parks in Fayoum, Egypt

Natural Attractions & National Parks in Fayoum, Egypt

Archaeology in Fayoum, Egypt

Culture & history in Fayoum, Egypt

Architecture in Fayoum, Egypt

Sunrise tours in Fayoum, Egypt

Explore Hawara pyramid with Fayoum Travel Guide!

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