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16 April 2023

Eco Egypt |Go Green Fayoum

 In 2020, “Eco Egypt” was launched as the first campaign to promote ecotourism and raise environmental awareness on the importance of natural protectorates and their wealth, as part of the activities of the ”Go Green” Initiative. The campaign includes the promotion of 13 natural protectorates by presenting a true model for sustainable development that considers the environmental, economic, social and health dimensions of tourism. The year 2020 also witnessed the establishment of visitor centers in the Ras Muhammad protectorates and the Fayoum protectorates, in addition to the integration of the local community in the protectorates and their activities, which contributed to raising the average income of the residents of the Fayoum and Wadi al-Jamal protectorate, ranging between 126% - 460% in one year.

 Bar Aman Initiative 

The interest in fishermen’s livelihood and the sustainability of their work is part of the recently launched Presidential initiative “Bar Aman” (Safe Shore). With the participation of the Minister of Environment and the Governor of Fayoum, the Ministry of Social Solidarity and the Tahya Misr Fund launched in 2021 the first phase of the “Bar Aman” initiative in cooperation with the Public Ocean Health Index – Egypt Score (100 = best) Source: Ocean Health Index 2019 67 65 68 70 70 62 64 66 68 70 72 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 66 Authority for Fish Resources Development. Through its programs, the initiative will provide 42 thousand fishermen nationwide with proper environmentally-friendly tools to support their work, in addition to brining them under social security and health insurance as well as extending low-interest micro loans to support their livelihood during times of low fishing. The initiative has an allocated budget of about EGP 50 million (USD 3.19 million).

The IUCN performance evaluation report for the World Natural Heritage sites for the year 2020 praised the Wadi El Whales site as one of the geological world heritage sites in Egypt, as the Wadi El Hitan site is the only global world heritage site that has made progress in the level of performance in the report when it receives attention and protection from the Ministry of Environment and those in charge of it, in addition to determining a buffer zone around the World Heritage area to protect the fossilized skeletons from threats such as visitation and traffic.



Dr. Hala El-Said: EGP 2.6 billion in investments for the 2022/23 plan to implement 210 development projects in El Fayoum Governorate, with an increase of 8% compared to the previous year.

The Ministry of Planning and Economic Development issued a report outlining the features of the citizen’s investment plan for El Fayoum Governorate for the year 2022/23, in the framework of continuing to announce the citizen’s plan in all governorates of the Republic for the fourth consecutive year, aiming to educate the citizens about the and priorities of the sustainable development plan for the fiscal year 2022/23, and its role in achieving "Egypt Vision 2030".

The Minister of Planning and Economic Development Dr. Hala El-Said confirmed that within the framework of achieving balanced regional development, one of the pillars on which Egypt's Vision 2030 is based, recent years have witnessed intensified efforts to localize sustainable development goals in the governorates to maximize the comparative advantages of all governorates, and to develop an index to determine the comparative and competitive advantage for each governorate giving precedence in financing public investments to priority sectors according to the development gaps in each governorate. She also stressed that the plan was eager to follow the participatory approach in formulating, implementing and following up all local development plans and programs with the aim of encouraging positive participation by the citizen.

El-Said added that all development plans adopted by the state aim to improve the quality of life of citizens, and that this would only be achieved by active social participation, in line with the Egypt Vision 2030. Furthermore, she pointed out that the Ministry of Planning has taken many steps during the past period aimed at enhancingtransparency, and accountability, and ensuring the importance of citizen participation in planning and follow-up.

Regarding the citizen's investment plan in El Fayoum Governorate, Dr. El-Said explained that the number of development projects in the governorate reached 210 projects, and that the value of public investments directed to El Fayoum Governorate in the 2022/23 plan amounts to EGP 2.6 billion, with an increase of 8% over the previous year, in addition to projects directed by the Decent Life project aiming to develop the Egyptian countryside.

In regard of the sectoral distribution of targeted public investments in El Fayoum Governorate in the 2022/23 plan, the report of the Ministry of Planning and Economic Development indicated directing investments worth EGP 786.3 million to the local development sector at a 30% rate, followed by the higher education and scientific research sector at a value of EGP 642 million at a 25% rate, the pre-university education sector amounts to EGP 224.8 million, or a 9% rate, the agricultural sector amounts to EGP 152.4 million, or a 6% rate, the housing sector amounts to EGP 152.4 million, or a 6% rate, and investments amounting to EGP 642 million, or a 25% rate, pertain to other sectors.

The report indicated that the number of villages benefiting from the first phase of the "Decent Life" initiative in El Fayoum Governorate is 66 villages, and the number of beneficiaries reaches one million people. The most important projects executed by the initiative inaccordance with the sustainable development goals are the construction of 2 social units, 20 agriculture service center, 19 first aid points, 63 health units, 809 classrooms, 80 schools, 6 family development centers, 5 drinking water stations, 63 sanitation projects, 10treatment plants, as well as the construction of 68 mobile network towers to connect the optical fiber network, 68 youth centers , 20 government service complexes, 33 post offices, 8 police stations, 11 markets, 8 parking lots, in addition to rehabilitating and liningcanals with a length of 35 km, paving main and internal roads with alength of 390 km, and establishing 2 rehabilitation centers for people of determination.

Finally, the report indicated that the most important development goals in the local development sector in El Fayoum Governorate in the 2022/23 plan are represented in paving local roads with about EGP 205.7 million, directing EGP 27.5 million to improve the environment  to implement 114 development projects, and it is intended to implement 14 development projects in the higher education and scientific research sector including the establishment of El Fayoum National University.

The report

UNDP Egypt Published Thanks to the governor of Fayoum for hosting our meeting w/ stakeholders to initiate the preparation of their Voluntary Local Reviews.

UNDP Egypt @UNDPEgypt 🙏🏼to the governor of Fayoum for hosting our meeting w/ stakeholders to initiate the preparation of their Voluntary Local Reviews.

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