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27 February 2023

Water wheels in Al Faiyum | Al Fayyum Hadeer water wheel

Water wheels in Al Faiyum Al Fayyum Hadeer water wheel

These wooden water wheels were first introduced to Fayoum by the Ptolemies engineers for lifting water between four and five meters to the irrigation channels of the agronomic projects. These water wheels move water in a very old traditional way. During those old days, certain families specialized in making these water wheels. These historic water wheels do no longer exist in Egypt except several of them in some locations in Fayoum. The video shows four waterwheels located in the city center which is among tourist attraction. There are several water wheels situated in other places in Fayoum. The governorate of Fayoum adopted these historic and unique water wheels as its national symbol.

The waterwheels in Fayoum are among the most interesting ancient sites in Fayoum, Over 200 of them straddles the Canals, Unique to the area, the wooden wheels are driven by fast-moving water of the Canals and were introduced into Fayoum during the Ptolemaic times. 

They are 4 to 5 Meters in Diameter and Coated with black tar to Protect the wood, Each waterwheel Can lift the water 3 meters, Spilling it onto higher ground, January is the Month set aside throughout Egypt for Cleaning the Canals, The sluices are closed in the Fayoum all the functioning waterwheels are Cleaned and repaired. In addition to the Four moaning and groaning in the Center of the City, The Famous seven,  a hallmark of Fayoum of Fayoum are located in the Countryside  along Bahr sinnuris, There are  additional waterwheels on various Canals in the Area

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